The products that manage my crazy, wavy locks.

When I was a baby, my family had a nickname for me: hair head. Yes you read that right. Over the years, I’ve become extremely grateful for my thick, wavy head of hair. I won’t lie, I still have those days where I envy the girls that can walk out of the shower and their pin straight hair dries beautifully on their walk to work. Surprisingly, there isn’t much information out there on how to manage my type of hair. I’m thankful that my aunt is a phenomenal hairdresser and after testing tons of products, I think I finally have them down.

There are days when I rely on hot tools, but when I let my hair dry naturally I use the below products. For all of you hair heads out there, I hope at least one of these products helps with your hair routine like they do mine. I linked them below!

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