Sample Sales & Vintage Finds.

There is something that my mother taught me well, and that’s never to buy things full price. As I grow older, the things I want have a bigger price tag and I’ve had to learn some new tricks. One of my favorite ways to spend my lunch breaks are sample sales. Working in New York City and having access to them just blocks from my work is both a blessing and a curse. Although it’s fueled my shopping habits, I’ve been able to purchase some things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

Recently, Rebecca Minkoff had a sample sale where I was able to snag this black camera bag that never leaves my side on my weekends full of adventure. The cool thing? Rebecca Minkoff had her last sample sale online, so anyone was able to reign in on the deals. Could be a trend that more designers will move to. The second thing? Vintage shops. I was able to snag this Guess jean jacket from my one of my favorite vintage stores, VERY, for under $30! Also, who doesn’t love scouring through racks of clothes to find that one unique piece you know no one else will have on the streets. Happy shopping!

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