Glossier: my go-to skincare brand.

I wish I was one of those people who enjoyed testing new skincare and makeup products. I walk into a Sephora and I’m immediately overwhelmed. The endless options of makeup and lines of brands, it’s too much.  The worst part? I hear great things about SO many products. How do you choose? Also, I’m expected to put the fate of my skin into someone I just met 30 seconds ago, explaining my skin type to a Sephora expert in hopes they’ll lead me the right way. Not to say that every person I’ve met wasn’t great, it’s just that my skin changes all of the time, so does that really help?

Which is why I had to give Glossier a try. For one thing, they were based online. I’m a big online shopper. Two, I’m a sucker for a great brand and they do it well. From the product packaging to their online presence, I fell in love. Third: the genuine and organic reviews I kept seeing all over the internet and social media. Which FYI, this is a completely genuine review, no strings attached. Last and certainly not least, the idea of my skincare and makeup products coming from one brand sounded so easy, a one stop shop. Fast forward a few months and the majority my daily routine comes from Glossier.

What I currently use:

  • Balm Dotcom: my first Glossier product that I got for a Christmas present thanks to my GF –  it’s a lip balm that also moisturizes other parts of your skin.
  • Boy Brow: great for a natural brow look.
  • Priming Moisturizer: probably my favorite product solely because it combines two of my morning makeup steps into one.
  • Invisible Shield: clear and lightweight SPF (great to just throw in your beach bag, too.)
  • The Super Pack: this pack comes with three different serums to use on your face. Super Glow for the morning, Super Pure for nighttime and Super Bounce is great for a day after the sun to bring elasticity back to your skin.
  • Cloud Paint: I currently have the haze paint, it’s a fun magenta to touch on your cheeks for a night out.

*Also, they send you samples of a new product each time you order something. Which is both a blessing and a curse for me. It’s official guys, I’m hooked! xx


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