A Day in Brooklyn: Photography + Prospect Park

A few weekends ago, I spent a sunny Saturday in Brooklyn taking a photography class. I’ve always loved photography and recently received a new DSLR camera (kudos to my boyfriend) and wanted to learn more about it.

When I initially started my search, I realized it’s difficult to find an affordable photography class in New York City. Then, my Brooklyn bestie suggested I check out Brooklyn Brainery. It’s this little storefront just a few blocks away from Prospect Park that reminds me of a preschool inside. & I mean that in the best way. There’s a big chalkboard on one wall, a mini kitchen along another wall, tables in the center and various cubbies throughout the space are labeled with different arts and crafts supplies. The space is so versatile; how else are you going to teach a dumpling making class one day and a photography class another day?

From the history of cameras to testing out the features on my DSLR cameras, I loved the class. I’m definitely going back to try one of their cooking classes. They have a huge variety of classes that you can check out here. Oh, and don’t forget to take a walk through Prospect Park before you go! xx

Brooklyn Brainery Studio.

Flowers in Prospect Park.

View from Prospect Park.

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