Tiny Apartment, Tiny Details.

So, I’m on my third adult apartment and finally think I’ve gotten the hang of decorating. People usually go from smaller apartments to bigger apartments, nope not me. I’m in the smallest apartment I’ve had yet. I don’t have room for a dining room table but the view from my window makes up for it, right? Anyway, see below for some fun design details I’ve incorporated in my tiny apartment.

Utilizing every nook and cranny, even using the heater as a shelf.


My friend and phenomenal Graphic Designer, Amanda, made this custom Jersey City print for me.


Plants, plants and more plants.


I collect vintage cameras which also make for great accent pieces.


I take so many Polaroids. I hang some around the apartment and the rest I throw in a big statement bowl that sits in the middle of my coffee table.


Have a tiny apartment hack? Share below in the comments!











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