Line ’em up: 5 summer straw hats.

Welcome to your mid-twenties: where I’m kicking myself in the butt for the endless tanning beds I enjoyed in high school and college. Now, I’m buying serums and exfoliates left and right to try to get my skin back to normal. Which is one reason of my love for hats (sun protection please!) lately – and why I’m loving this straw hat trend. So, while I was on a hunt for the perfect one for summer,  I came across this $12 (yes, you read that right) hat from H&M. I’m not usually a pink person but I love the pink strap statement. Throughout my search I found some fun striped and pom-pom straw hats – links are below.

I believe the above hat is only available in-stores at H&M, but below are some others!


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