Coveted Coffee Shops: Jersey City

For a while I didn’t enjoy coffee, like at all. It wasn’t until my first “real” job when I realized hmm I should probably give it a chance. Low and behold came my love for coffee, and then espresso. I’ve grown to enjoy trying out different coffee shops on the weekends. So, I listed my top five in Jersey City below. More to come in the area. Enjoy!

1.) 9 Bar Cafe: located right outside the heart of Grove St. They have beautiful dark wooden tables and delicious lattes.

2.) Dames Coffee Espresso Bar: their banana bread is to die for.


3.) Seven Sheep Coffee: my favorite part of this place is the colors. So many blues and greens. They even have a bookshelf in the back to enjoy with your coffee.

4. Smith & Chang: this one has a special place in my heart. I used to live right around the corner and would spend my Sunday mornings here.

5. Sam A.M. is my new found love. It’s in my new neighborhood, Paulus Hook. Not only do they have delicious almond milk lattes, but their food is delicious.

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