Bach Flower Essences, Heard of ‘Em?

Crystals, oils, meditation, chakras – wellness trends are making everyone second guess their lifestyle, in the best way. It got me thinking – what do I do in my life that calms me, helps me keep my center. That’s when I saw my Bach Flower Essences sitting on my nightstand. Since I could remember, my grandmother has been giving me Bach Essences to calm me down. I have her voice ingrained in my mind when I’m feeling anxious and uneasy: “take rescue remedy” she would say.

What are Back Flower Essences? Well I thought I’d go straight to the source, the woman who introduced me to them, my grandmother.


  • Where did Bach Essences come from?

They were developed by Edward Bach, an English Physician turned English Homeopath in the 1950’s. He believed that the dew on flowers had various healing properties.

  • What are Bach Flower Essences?

They are made of different flowers, a little bit of alcohol and spring water. 

  • Why do you advocate for Bach Flower Essences?

Taking essences can be interesting, because you learn about yourself. When you go to the health food store and read the bottles, you recognize the problems you’re having.

  • What are they used for and how do they help people?

Bach essences are used to help people adjust their personality and balance themselves. 

  • What is your advice for someone trying Bach essences for the first time?

Go light on them. Start with one essence and take a couple of drops.

  • Growing up, you’ve often given me rescue remedy to calm me down. Can you talk about the rescue remedy essence specifically?

The Rescue Remedy essence is a combination of five flowers. Cherry plum, star of bethlehem, clematis, rock rose and impatiens. It’s used for unique stressful situations in everyday life. From a job interview to calming yourself down before an operation, it’s meant to calm you down when you’re in a state of stress. However, as you get to know yourself, you can choose more specific essences to balance yourself.

  • I think most people struggle with some anxiety on a Sunday night before the work week. Which Bach Essence would you recommend for calming yourself down?

Larch. It gives you the confidence to say no problem, I can handle this.

  • A lot of my readers are twenty-somethings, figuring out their careers. Still trying to figure out their life. Do you have any essence recommendations for us?

Wild Oats are to help you decide the way you want your life to go and to become more decisive.

Have you tried them? What did you think?



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